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Cricket's Corner Web Design
Ginny Groom
P.O. Box 2409
Burleson, TX 76097
Email: cricketsweb@cricketsweb.com


There is a one time cost for custom web design. The charges associated with the design depend upon the amount of graphics integration for slide shows, photo galleries, portfolios and the number of pages. Typically, a website consists of four to five pages including a contact form to provide feedback information to the client. If updates to the website are to be maintained by Cricket's Corner Web Design, an hourly rate will be established with the client upon acceptance of our services.

We welcome your inquiries about our services and we hope you will contact us today.


About Us

Cricket's Corner Web Design is located in Burleson, Texas and in business since 1998. Our company specializes in custom web design. The client provides all content. We provide a style guide that:

  • communicates the message you want to present
  • integrates media and music for slide shows, photo galleries and portfolios
  • displays important information
  • navigates easily throughout the website

The client is considered a trusted business partner and the most important part of the design process. We strive to create the design that excels in client expectations. We serve our clients with loyalty, integrity and establish a successful relationship.

Our Project Guidelines ...

We have outlined below each phase of our website design in order to provide clarity about our affective integration process.

Phase I:
We begin each website by planning the basic structure with the client. We then make a rough pencil sketch of the site layout. We develop a style guide to be used throughout the website to ensure all content is delivered in a clear and consistent manner. We test all websites to ensure compatibility with the most current web browsers.

Phase II:
We gather images and text of the website content provided by the client. We then decide on background colors, basic font styles, and navigation buttons. We build upon the initial design concept, adding dynamic HTML. We also apply scripts for slide shows, photo galleries, portfolios, videos and sound.

Phase III:
Our clients receive a demo site located on the web in a temporary location. Changes are made to the website in this phase. No site will be considered complete until final review and approval.

Phase IV:
The client gives final approval of the website. We then upload the contents to the client's Internet Service Provider.

Phase V:
Maintenance Solutions
In a fast developing internet environment, solutions should be flexible enough to cope with potential market fluctuations. We are diligent in maintaining updates as changes occur. There is an hourly rate established with the client for updates to the website.


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