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Cricket's Corner Web Design is a professional website company in business since 1998. Every website we create is unique in design and custom tailored to convey our client products, services and images. Our commitment to our client is to deliver value through excellence in our website designs.

Our services include customized graphics for logo design, photo galleries, portfolios and slide shows. Our slide shows include interesting arrays of random transitions, music and video to complete the client web presence. The contact form provides valuable feedback information. Be sure and go to the contact us page to get started on that design you always dreamed about. See examples of our designs in the portfolio section.

Themes for Websites are Important

Dragonfly on Mexican Sunflower

Dragonfly on Mexican Flower

The aesthetics of web pages provide interest that otherwise might be stagnant and dull. There are many images of beautiful flower varieties as well as butterflies, bees and dragonflies available to provide rich graphics to enhance the texture and beauty of web pages.

Brilliant Yellow Sunset

Yellow Sunset

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises also captivate an audience. The clouds combined with evening sun or morning sun, illuminate a pleasant glow as a reflection on water. Another example is the softness of rain on a cloudy day.

Grandeur of Outer Space

Outer Space

The grandeur of outer space viewed through the Hubble Telescope lenses provides magnificent pictures we had not seen or explored before. Beautiful pictures are available to us in an abundant supply displaying remarkable colors and shapes.


Highlights of our Web Design Process

Goal Oriented Design

Our web designs are cross-browser certified and tested to display accurately in all the latest browsers. We adhere to the W3C web standards group to ensure web browser standards compatibility. We ensure that user interaction is simple and efficient as possible.

Affective Interaction Design

Throughout the process of interaction design, we must be aware that our designs influence responses in the target users. Products must convey positive effects and avoid negative ones. This is critical to product success. We try to produce expressive interfaces through use of dynamic icons, animations and sounds to help communicate a sense of interactivity and feedback. We use fonts, different color pallets, and graphical layouts to ensure effectiveness.

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